Celebrating Plantation Field International 2016!

Once again it was an action packed weekend on our home turf at Plantation Field International with a large number of entries in the CIC divisions.  Boyd had a full dance card riding multiple horses in each of the CIC and Advanced divisions.  Here are the top results from throughout the weekend:


Kathleen Crompton’s Barry

CIC 1* – 2nd Place finish aboard aboard Kathleen Crompton’s Barry
CIC 2* – 4th Place finish aboard Christine Turner’s Tsetserleg
CIC 3* – 2nd Place finish aboard Lucy Boynton Lie’s Crackerjack
CIC 3* – 12th Place finish aboard Craig & Gloria Callen’s Welcome Shadow
Advanced – 3rd Place finish (tied for 2nd edged out by XC time) aboard Denise Lahey, Pierre Colin, and George & Gretchen Wintersteen’s Steady Eddie

DSC_2908 (1)

Cuyler Walker, Lucy Boynton Lie & Boyd

It should also be noted that with long time partner Crackerjack, this pair finished spot on the optimum time of 6:12 to receive the Steven Gale memorial award during the 3* presentation (award picture above).  In addition, Kyra, who is owned by Chris Turner, had a solid lead after dressage and stadium in the 2*.  Boyd blazed out onto XC with the intent to really go for the win, but he reported that he cut his turn a little too early, stating “I took off but Kyra didn’t…..but there’s no shame in falling when you’re going for the win.”  Both Boyd and Kyra are in good form on this Monday morning after PFI!

Certainly one of the highlights of his weekend was sharing the awards ceremony spotlight with good friend and mentor, Phillip Dutton, in the CIC 3*.  Phillip dominated the division with 3 of the top 5 placings in the 3*, proving once again why he has achieved heroic status in the sport of eventing.  We as a community were also able to come together to pay honor to his individual bronze medal from Rio, which was appropriately celebrated in a ceremony at the end of the day with Emma, Happy, the Dutton family, owners and all of their local supporters.  Our friend Roy Burek, owner/director of Charles Owen Helmets, presented Phillip with a beautiful photo and plaque.

DSC_2877 (1)
Jamie Hicks also deserves an enormous amount of praise for his 24/7 efforts that went into battling the drought and hard ground here in Unionville.  He made hard ground into soft going with thousands of hours of hard work aerating, watering and shipping in truck loads of sand for the take-off and landing around the jumps.  It was remarkable how good the footing was considering the harsh conditions that Mother Nature presented to us.

As always, the success of Plantation Field International is due to the exhaustive efforts of the event organizers, committee members, hundreds of volunteers, sponsors, vendors and owners who come together to make it the Best.Event.Ever in the region.  We are also enormously appreciative of our working students, grooms, staff, owners and sponsors at Windurra USA who put their heart and soul into the horses and our sport.  It’s been a huge year for the entire home team and we’re eternally grateful.

~ Boyd & Silva

As always we will continue to upload photos and videos to our Facebook page.  Here are some other great resources from the event.



3rd – Steady Eddie, owned by George and Gretchen Wintersteen, Denise Lahey and Pierre Colin


2nd – Barry, owned by Kathleen Crompton


4th – Tsetserleg, owned by Christine Turner

37th -Bonito, owned by Steven Blauner & Nancy Hathaway

40th – Santos, owned by Ron & Densey Juvonen and Gloria Callen

Kyra – RF, owned by Christine Turner


2nd – Crackerjack, owned by Lucy Boynton Lie

12th – Welcome Shadow, owned by Craig and Gloria Callen

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Final Results

Awards photo credits Lisa Thomas


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