Phillip Schooling Boyd’s Horses at New Stable View XC Course

My cross country coach Phillip Dutton took Ray Price and Long Island T out for a school at the new Boyd Martin/ETB Equine Construction Schooling Cross Country Course at Stable View yesterday, and it was awesome. Phillip really honed in on their rideability and practiced some of the jumping and turning exercises that these horses will encounter at the advanced level of competition. The jumped a lot of corners, narrows and coffins, and both horses finished the session looking keen and happy.

We opened the new course about a week ago and have had a number of upper level riders out schooling. At this stage the course is probably suitable for horses at the prelim level and up. The turf is relatively new and we want to make sure it’s really well established before we add more traffic, but by next year it will be open to novice and training level as well. That said, the footing is brilliant and is holding up really well so far – we just want to make sure it stays that way!

The schooling fee is $60/horse and the course is open every day except for competition days at Stable View. You can just show up any time; release forms are located in a box near the parking area.

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