Pine Top Intermediate

Pine Top Intermediate was Shamwari’s first event back since the 2014 WEG. Since I’m sidelined with a broken Collarbone, my coach Phillip Dutton stepped up to pilot two of my four-star horses around. It was typical Phillip to do a splendid job piloting Shamwari around the open prelim division. Phillip took him slow around the cross country and we’re all very pleased with how Shamwari jogged up after the show. I finally feel we’re back in business with Shammie.

Phillip also rode Stephen Blauner’s Master Frisky, who hasn’t been out since Rolex last year. He was very excited and showed plenty of extravagance in his first start back. He was ridden to perfection and looks to be on track for his campaign heading to Kentucky in April, and the 3* at Carolina International in Southern Pines before that.



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