Plantation Field 2019 Preview

Steady Eddie at Plantation Field a couple of years ago

This weekend is a big one with the annual Plantation Field International Horse Trials, just down the road from our farm in Pennsylvania. It is always fun doing a big event close to home. Without much rain in the last weeks, I hear that the grounds keepers have done an amazing job spiking and Aerovating the turf on the cross country. I will take a close look at the course later in the week and determine how fast to run the horses on Sunday. Most of these horses had a good run at Great Meadow or Kentucky, so it’s not essential that they run. We will just wait and see how good the ground is.
I have also got the call up from Phillip to ride a few of his top horses. Unfortunately Big Phil picked up a leg injury playing a charity polo match last week. Its always good to return the favor, as Phillip has ridden many of my horses when I have been banged up. With the addition of these horses, I have arranged for my younger group of 2-Star horses to be competed by my assistant rider, Mike. All of the horses look in good form and all should be competitive.
 Below are the ride times:

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