Plantation Field International Wrap Up!

This year, the Plantation International CIC event went beyond the successes of previous years. The event featured a phenomenal new stadium & dressage ring, as well as the new water complex which undoubtedly turned this event into one of the leading CICs in this country.
My weekend proved to be in the true spirit of eventing, with the highest of highs and the lowest of lows. After a spectacular event at the Burghley 4* on Neville, I thought of myself as somewhat of a cross-country expert until the beginning of my day at Plantation.

My first ride of the day was the 1* on Steady Eddie, who was moving along nicely until I put him in a bit wrong at the coffin ditch combination. We cartwheeled over the ditch, deploying my first Point Two air cartridge for the day. Eddie rebounded well, I dusted myself off, deflated my air jacket & hopped on my second ride of the day. Merging was also jumping very well on the early part of course, so I took a different tactic with the approach to the ditch & went in stronger. We jumped well over the A & B elements, but at C we once again reenacted the superman move, flying through the air & deploying my second Point Two cartridge of the day. As I lay in the grass I thought “how could I possibly have fallen off at the same jump twice by 9:15am in the morning!!”
Luckily the cross-country started to improve after that with positive rides on the rest of my horses in the Advanced, Intermediate and 3*, with the highlight of my weekend on the always reliable Remington, who finished 2nd by only one tenth of a point in the CIC 3*.
Again, I must sing the praises of the Plantation Organizers’ Committee for putting on a sensational event. All aspects of the competition were brilliant for owners, riders, supporters and spectators, including the wonderful tribute given by Denis during the lunchtime intermission. I’m looking forward to next year whenI plan to improve my performance by .1 of a second!

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