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Point Two Air Jackets

The Point Two Pro Air Jacket is a revolutionary product that can reduce your chance of injury while participating in the sports you love! In a sport where every moment counts, the Point Two Air Jacket provides revolutionary body protection and is the fastest deploying air jacket in North America.

The rider simply slips on the jacket and, when mounted, a narrow lanyard connects the saddle with the jacket. Should the rider be separated from the saddle, the lanyard will pull an activation key from the jacket, triggering a mechanism to release CO2 into inflate the airbag system. The jacket inflates, encapsulating the rider’s trunk and collar area of the neck before hitting the ground, providing shock absorption on impact. At an inflation rate of in 0.1 of a second, it is the fastest air jacket in the world.

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Join the legion of top riders who trust their safety to the Point Two Air Jacket. For more information on the Point Two Air Jacket, please visit their website or contact the company at

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