Post USEF Party Interview!

USEF International Horse of the Year 2011

By Samantha L Clark on January 14, 2012 11:48 AM, Filed Under 
IMG_2752.JPGBoyd and members of Team Neville Bardos present at the USEF Awards Ceremony – Chuck, Jeanie, April and Spike.  What a fantastic night for all of the disciplines, and of course, especially for Neville and his connections. As Dr Jen Hlavacek, owner of Weltno’s Magic, also in the running for International Horse of the Year, so graciously put it, all the horses honoured were a special bunch, and had enjoyed extraordinary success throughout the year; losing to Neville didn’t diminish their sense of achievement or pride in their horse in any way whatsoever, in fact they were honoured to be ranked with him.Thanks to Samantha & Eventing Nation for this fun interview.  Hey Boyd, where were your Bills Khakis!  Guess we need to pack your bag next time Silva’s out of town!!

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