Purina Updated Nutrition for Top Event Horses at Windurra


All of our horses are on Purina feed and they have never looked or felt better. A couple of months ago Dr. Katie Young, an equine nutritionist from Purina, evaluated the upper level event horses’ diets and made some suggestions. Of course each horse is on a different regime for their individual needs, and case by case we have implemented her advice and adjusted the horses’ feed. All of the intermediate horses and up have been on the Supersport supplement for the past couple of weeks, and you can see they already have more energy and are building more muscles, especially on their toplines. The Impact Hay Stretcher is especially handy here in Aiken because there’s not a lot of nutrition in the grass here, and it’s good for the horses that are harder to get weight on.


Boyd with Dr. Katie Young and Dave Kurtz at the Purina Test in the Rolex Kentucky 2015 Trade Fair

Boyd with Dr. Katie Young and Dave Kurtz at the Purina Test in the Rolex Kentucky 2015 Trade Fair

We also asked Katie to weigh in on the subject to share with our blog readers:

“Senior Active is a wonderful performance feed. I suggested Boyd feed Senior Active instead of Strategy GX for his upper level horses, because the nutrition profile of Senior Active is actually especially suited to performance horses, especially endurance athletes. It’s one of those things where the feed fits more broadly than the name indicates. It’s high fat, high fiber and higher calorie than Strategy, and for upper level event horses getting more calories into them with less feed is a good thing. It’s also lower in soluble carbs.


The other great thing about Senior Active is that it contains ActivAge Prebiotic, which is a proprietary prebiotic that we use in our senior products. We’ve seen that this is helpful for older horses, but it can also be valuable for performance horses. Our research results indicate great benefits for the immune system that may be helpful for elite athletes as well as older horses. In our studies, horses receiving ActivAge prebiotics exhibited lower levels of inflammatory cytokines than horses on the control diets. So when you’re looking at athletes and all the stress that those athletes are putting on their bodies, anything that might help with inflammation could be a benefit. Another advantage with ActivAge is the potential benefit to gut health, especially given travel and stress.


The fact that Boyd was already feeding the Senior Active feed is to his advantage, but he was mixing it with Strategy GX for the hard-working horses, who will be working even harder over the season, so giving a full dose of the ActivAge prebiotics by switching them to an entirely Senior diet is making a lot of sense to me.


By adding the SuperSport supplement we’ve seen great results in helping to build the topline and musculature. While the amino acid profile doesn’t help the horse go any faster, in our research it helps horses maintain their top speed for a longer period of time; it helps maintain athletic performance. It should also provide the substrates to help horses’ muscle tissue recover faster after exercise.


For the other horses in the barn he already had them on Strategy GX, which is a pelleted feed, and I thought that was great because it’s an excellent all-around feed.


They’re also using a lot of Impact Hay Stretcher at Windurra; it’s a more nutritionally balanced and fortified forage alternative. An advantage for performance horses is that it keeps the amount of respirable particles (dust) to a minimum, without the hassle of soaking.”

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