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Hard at work braiding
We had a great past weekend at Ride for Life. It turns out I am a pretty good groom! Since I am not showing I did a lot of the braiding and grooming for the girls. Scout , Kymmy and Pam Murphy all showed and as usual  Kymmy and Scout rode my horses so well. I am very proud when I watch my girls ride!!

Kymmy rode Rigoletto (Tony) , Just a Flirt, Rio Royale ,Hot Date (Hayden) and Sir Eastwood (Woody).
  • Tony won not only second and third level but also the high point Hanoverian award .
  • Just a Flirt placed third in first level.
  • Rio Royale won training level with a big score of 70%.
  • Hot Date won his second level test and was second in the third level behind Tony.
  • Woody won first level with big competition.

Scout rode Bright Side (Eddy) and Dhouble Scoop.

  • Eddy was such a star: so honest and Scout rode him so well!! They placed fifth in training level.
  • Ellen Kettler’s Dhouble Scoop is just a dream horse. They were second and third in first level, up against a lot of competition. 

It was such a pleasure to have Pam with us. She showed her horse Rio on Sunday. Rio is bred by Melinda Walton and Larry Smith, so you can imagine that he is just such a nice, honest horse – and he is the perfect horse for Pam. They did a nice training level test and

I am looking forward to seeing more of Rio and Pam in the show ring.

xoxo Silva

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