Ready Or Not!

Callie Heroux is a 16 year old junior rider who lives in NJ and trains with Alison Leahy.  She currently competes at the BN/Novice level of eventing and wants to move up to the upper levels as her experience and ability in the sport progresses.

She writes, “I don’t know Boyd personally, but he has been an inspiration to me for many years. I would love to compete at intermediate levels of eventing once I am older and more experienced, and watching Boyd and all of the other amazing eventers who have made it to the top have inspired me to someday get there.”

Callie has a knack for video editing and sent us this fun video collage!  She has also made a few videos for Caroline Martin, Laine Ashker, and Lauren Billys, and is currently working on more!

Thank you Callie, we appreciate your talent.

Ready Or Not………here it is.



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  1. That’s awesome

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