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Now that the Pan Am Games is finally behind us it’s a great opportunity to look back and be proud of our fantastic team results. I’ve been on a number of teams now and without question this was the best organized, most well-oiled machine I’ve been involved in. David O’Connor did a fantastic job as coach. Farrier Steve Teichman, Vet Susan Young and Joanie Morris, the manager, did a superb job coordinating the group. Next I have to take my hat off to teammates Phillip, Marilyn and Lauren, and the alternate, Jennie. What an unbelievable group of riders to be around for the past few weeks. There were no tantrums or disagreements at all and we really felt like a team throughout the whole experience.


Behind this group of riders is an awesome bunch of horses and of course their grooms, who are often the unsung heroes of these events. For me personally, the Pancho Syndicate has stuck by this horse through good times and bad and it was satisfying and rewarding to stand on the podium and think about the ten people who own him.

2015-07 PanchoOwners

A few members of Team Pancho! L-R: Silva Martin, Gloria Callen, Boyd Martin and Steve Blauner. Photo courtesy Mark Hart


The competition was superbly run and it was a very competitive tournament, right up until the final horse jumped on Sunday. Also on a personal note, Pancho delivered a great performance in all three phases. I felt like he could not have gone much better and finished a very credible fourth place individually. For me, whenever you’re on these international teams, it’s important that you deliver a personal best performance when it counts.


We arrived home yesterday afternoon, and Pancho should arrive this afternoon around lunchtime. All of the horses were driven to Virginia yesterday on one big truck, and Pancho is hitching a ride up to PA with Phillip’s horses. He will start a well deserved rest after putting in a huge effort over the past week. I’m very grateful to everyone who made this possible and already can’t wait for next year’s championships.



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  1. Awesome all around
    Go Boyd
    Go Team USA

    Looking forward to RIO

  2. So so happy for the US team!

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