Reflections on Dressage at Devon 2017!

Silva and Amy Celebrate Jada’s Championship!

This past weekend at Dressage at Devon was a wonderful emotional boost for Silva and her team.  The dressage contingent from Windurra USA was out in full force with the young horses, and the horizon is bright for this stable full of talent!

Silva checked in Sunday evening after a very full weekend at DAD, and she was absolutely thrilled for her owners, horses and clients who took part in the competition at Devon.  The following is her reflection on a rewarding weekend:

Jada W – Owned by Windurra USA

“I’m Really excited about Jada W because she’s only 6 years old and she’s The Real Deal!  She’s our homebred and she really wants to win.  On Thursday she won her first class and then won the 6 year old evening class as well.  The judges love her because she’s so focused on winning.  She’s such a good mare, and I’ve grown to love the mares.  In her last class on Friday she was the first in the ring and lead the entire class until the very last horse (Cesar Parra & Don Cesar) who just edged her out.”

Jada W was also the 4th Level Champion at DAD 2017!

Jada W – DAD 2017 Results

Hannah Lu W – Owned by Sarah Reece & Joan White

” I also Rode Hannah Lu W, who’s Rosa’s daughter.  I love her so much.  She’s owned by Sarah Reece & Joan White. I’m thankful that they’ve hung in with her because she’s been saucy and hot like her mother.  She was 3rd the first day due to tension issues. Then Friday she was fabulous and won her class!”

Hanna Lue W – 2017 DAD Results

Electric – Owned by Julia and George Strawbridge and Nancy Hathaway

“Electric in the 5 year old Canadian bred horse. Went to Fl last year and competed in the CDI’s.  He’s a very big horse, but such a safe ride, which is very important to me since my accident.  He kept growing and now he’s nearly 17.3h and he was uncomfortable in his body, so we gave him a month off.  After that he came back better than ever.  He was a little green, but I’m so happy w him. He was 2nd both days.

Jax W – Owned by Joan Fenton White

Harley rode Jax W, who is a 6 year old 1/2 brother to Jada.  They looked really good together….and although they’re still both a bit green, I was very proud of them.  They placed 6th in the 4th level in the afternoon and had a great ride on Friday!  I’m not worried and it’s easy to sort out the small green mistakes.  They’ll probably do a CDI this year.”

Duvent – Owned by Melinda Walton & Larry Smith

Devon rides Duvent, who is a hot horse. He’s not easy to ride and was hot in canter during Thursday’s competition.
The next day Devon rode beautifully, and although she’s very frustrated, she sticks with it.  I’m proud of her efforts!

Update on Rosa Cha

“Rosa is also getting more comfortable  It was a disappointment to miss Devon on her after so much hard work – But at the end of the day, I don’t care if I ever have to put a saddle on that horse again. She doesn’t owe me anything.  I just want her to be comfortable and happy.”

Visits with Sponsors

Dressage at Devon also gives Silva the opportunity to catch up with many of her supporters and sponsors as well.  On Sunday she spent some time in the Purina and Attwood Equestrian Surfaces booths doing a meet and greet with fans.  Silva would like to send out a heart felt thanks to all of her owners, friends, students and sponsors who do so much to get her to these CDI level shows.  It is a year round effort by so many people at Windurra USA, and without the support of so many, these fantastic results would not be obtainable.  Thank you!!

Enjoy the slideshow of photos from throughout the weekend

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