Remington XXV Passes First Veterinary Inspection at Pau CCI****

So far, so good.

Remington passed the first horse inspection here in Pau. He jogged up like a champ in front of the ground jury late this afternoon. All of the horses that were presented in the four-star passed. It looks to be a quality field of 38 starters.
I worked Remi on the flat in front of my USA supporters: owners Ron and Densey Juvonen, wife Silva, and groom Caitlin. He went well again today. I focused a little more on the canter work today, especially the changes.

Densey Juvonen, proud owner of Remington, XXV

I walked the course as well today. My first impressions were…well…Holy Moly! It’s an intense cross-country made up of one tough technical line after another. It’s pretty big too.
Anyway, it’s dressage practice again tomorrow with help from Silva and Capt. Mark Phillips. Then I think I will walk the cross-country again with the Captain to get a bit of advice.



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