Report from Training Camp: Ready for Toronto 2015

For the past week Pancho, Crackerjack and Blackfoot Mystery have all been living at beautiful Morningside Farm in Virginia. The main reason I’m here is for Pancho’s final training before the Pan-Am Games, and I brought Crackers and Big Red along to occupy myself for the other 23 hours of the day.

Olympic dressage judge Marilyn Payne was kind enough to come down and judge us for our dressage tests and Pancho is in great form at the moment. Marilyn did pick up a number of small details that we can work on before next Friday’s test.

I also had a great jump school with Silvio Mazzoni yesterday; he’s working a lot on Pancho’s balance to the fences. He had me coming in counter-canter to a lot of the fences to encourage Pancho to push off the ground. I felt like it was a productive session and Pancho was jumping very well.

This morning we all started very early. We loaded up the horses and took them to David and Karen’s legendary gallops at Jackie Mars’ farm in The Plains, VA. We galloped up the hill twice and the footing was beautiful after a rain last night, and all the team horses looked well.

The vets will have a good, close look at the horses tomorrow and maybe we will do a little dressage, and the horses will ship to Canada early Monday morning. We will fly up to meet them there.

It’s been a short but productive camp for the US team. I think the length of it was actually good, as sometimes these camps can drag on too long and you lose some intensity. All the riders have been getting along great and the horses look in good form. Not much could have gone better and it’s now time to execute our plan and go for the gold.


And a little humor for the day: Eventer Problems

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  1. Safe Travels
    Go Team USA

  2. Good luck!!

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