Rest In Peace Sea Lord

We were saddened to hear recently from friend and client Charish Arthur, that her amazing OTTB, Sea Lord, who trained and competed with Silva for years, was euthanized due to health complications.  Big Bird was a phenomenal horse, one that defied the dressage stereotypes to rise up to the Grand Prix ranks against the warmbloods.  He was over 17H tall and had an equally enormous personality and heart….and we will remember him forever.

Big Bird competed for over 4 years with Silva, originally under the generous ownership of Shannon & Joe Stimson before being sold to Charish.  Big Bird was one of Silva’s most memorable horses and she is very grateful for the time she had to ride and compete him.


Silva & Sea Lord, Dancing Horse Challenge 2011

Silva wanted to show the video of Big Bird from the Dancing Horse Challenge in 2011 and the following excerpt is from Charish Arthur’s facebook page:

“This was Birdie’s most memorable ride, at Ride For Life in 2011, under Silva Martin. We had a great time planning for this and coming up with the music and costume. To date, this video has over 35,000 views, which confirms his “Rock Star” status. Our theme was a tribute to the American Thoroughbred. The voices you hear are his grooms, the girls who cared for him every day, and loved him as their own. Horses at this level are beloved by their people, they don’t get to this level without a family of people to love them.

“This ride never gets old for me. Enjoy.”  ~ Charish

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  1. So very sad
    Great Ride have watched it at least 10 tines since you first put it up in 2011

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