“Ride a Test” Fair Hill Prep at Windurra with Marilyn Payne



We’re fortunate to have Olympic dressage judge Marilyn Payne visiting from NJ on Thursday to teach a “ride a test” type clinic based on the dressage tests required at the upcoming Fair Hill International Three-Day Event. Auditors are welcome to stop by.

Ride Times:

10:30: Boyd Martin

11:00 Phillip Dutton

12:00 Ryan Wood

12:30 Boyd Martin

1:00 Ryan Wood

1:30 Lunch

2:00 Ryan Wood

2:30 Jennie Brannigan

3:00 Peter Barry

3:30 Jennie Brannigan

4:00 Colleen Loach

4:30 Erin Sylvester

5:00 Erin Freeman

5:30 Erin Sylvester

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