Ride for Life 2013

We had a great weekend at Ride for Life 2013! Kymmy, Gracia and I took seven horses: Trading Aces, Zoran, Benefactor RRS , Di Solitaire , Jones, Hayden and Colin. I am very happy with every single one of the horses. Everybody tried so hard and performed great.

I have been working with Oscar (Trading Aces) again since his vacation after Rolex. Since Boyd is still recovering from his ankle surgery , I took over the reins again for “Dressage Boot Camp”.

Oscar has been improving so much over the last month. My goal is to make him as schooled and solid in the dressage as possible for next year. I showed him in third level on Saturday and Sunday. I was happy that he tried very hard for me and the tests are getting easier for him. The changes have improved 200 percent from when I first started working with him. He still got a little tense in the changes in the competition ring but I think we are very close to doing them perfectly. Oscar scored 68.5% on Saturday to finish second in the class and 71% on Sunday to win the class.

I showed Bonnie Stedt’s Zoom, (Zoran) in his first fourth level to qualify him for Dressage at Devon. I am very excited about this horse! Zoran has a ton of power and talent and I think he is going to be a great horse for the future for me. We scored 67.5% in fourth level on Saturday to finish second . On Sunday we showed in third level and won the class with 68%.

Sully (Di Solitaire) was amazing this weekend. For the first time he did not feel like a baby. He is really growing up. Hey was high score of the show, winning his first level class on Saturday with 77.7%. On Sunday he won again with 73%. 
Benny was his perfect self. Benny is another horse that I am really looking forward seeing where our future together takes us. He showed in second level for the first time, winning both days with 72% and 71%.
Kymmy showed Fernanda Kellogg’s Jones in training level, winning with 72%. Kymmy also showed her own Hot Date in first level, winning on Saturday with 71% and on Sunday with an amazing score of 76%. I am so excited for Kymmy and Hot Date. 
Gracia showed Colin in fourth level, finishing fourth on Saturday with 62% and third on Sunday with 63%. This is Gracia’s first season in fourth level and she is doing amazingly well . 
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