Rolex KY 4* Finished, Quick Repair to Boyd’s Ankle…(Warning: Contains Graphic Images)

After spending the past six weeks battling away with four torn tendons and ligaments in my ankle, I had quick surgery on Wednesday morning at Christiana Hospital.  Even though it was quite uncomfortable, I was able to figure out a way to press on and get through my big goal of competing at Rolex Kentucky.

The injury was very similar to what many baseball players get, so I went to renowned ankle specialist Dr Paul Kupcha, assisted by Dr. Gary Gutowski, both of whom have been famous for patching up the some of the Phillies’ players.  The boys were good enough to take a few snaps whilst on the job with my iPhone.

Torn Tendons
Repaired Tendons


Post-Op Recovery

It looks like I will be out of action for a couple of weeks until the wounds heal, after which I will be able to return to dressage without stirrups.  Until then I have plenty of time for teaching jumping lessons (text me on 610-806-2381), and admire Silva and Caitlin schooling the horses.  Phillip has been good enough to jump my top horses, so there is a strong chance that the horses will be going better than ever when I make my return.

Silva Schooling Otis


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  1. Ouch and double ouch Boyd. Not the pics. I was fine with them. I’ve seen FAR WORSE animal abuse and the pics from giving Banamine IM. (and that’s really awful stuff). How did you manage? I think I may be happy I was out of hearing range!

    Okay, I know you’re not going to listen to an older woman, but here goes. DO NOT ATTEMPT MORE THAN YOUR THERAPISTS APPROVE YOU FOR! I mean it Boyd. This is serious stuff. You spent boatloads of money, your doctors spent a long time putting you back together again. Don’t undo their work.

    Yes, your ankle is going to be weak, sore and stiff. This is why you’ll be in physical therapy. The good part here is they’ll teach YOU about YOUR body mechanics.

    Couple quick mantras here. Mild pain get some gain. Small steps equal big results.

    Do try to get a TENS unit if you can. It’s great for pain management. And don’t forget to buy a big load of ice!

  2. Yeah, what Margaret said. I couldn’t have said it better.

  3. deb messmer says

    Agreed. I have a TENS unit you can borrow if you want. Also try acupuncture. It really helped me. Had a great Dr in Maple Glen PA (near Horsham).

  4. Agree with above comments x100!! I had a Liz Franc fracture several years ago (all the tendons across the top of the foot) and it was a long recovery.
    Rehab is important!!

  5. Mari Secrist says

    Even better than a TENS unit is a cold laser–guessing you have one for the horses. Worked a treat for my broken ankle with wrecked tendons/ligaments (foot flipped totally backwards underneath my calf). Amazingly quick recovery with the laser!

  6. Dawn R. says

    Please listen to the docs and take more than 2 weeks off. It will be much better in the long run. Don’t be like my clients who let their puppies run around like maniacs in casts and then wonder why they don’t heal!!! And I agree, lasers are amazing for healing and pain relief. Take care!

  7. Hope they gave you some good painkillers! Rest up, take care of that ankle, and you’ll be back in the game in no time. Sending you healing vibes from Miami!

  8. I love that your doctors agreed to help you capture this momentous occasion. I am so doing that the next time I need surgery! You continue to be my total hero.

  9. Take good care, sir– treat your own lower limbs as carefully as you would those of your best event horse. Thanks for the photos; those are very educational!

  10. Yes, light therapy is the best! I make my living helping horses with my infra- red and red lights. Wait- you knew that! Love my tens for muscle spasms, makes the soft tissue contract in time with the electric shock thingy. Heal well, Enjoyed the photos.

  11. Looks like your handling it well. Excellent job roughing it out at Rolex, truly inspirational riding and horsemanship. Hoping for a speedy recovery for you!

  12. Victoria Cook says

    Cant wait to see you back in the saddle! Wishing you a speedy recovery! Way to go roughing it through Rolex! Sorry about having to retire on course, but you guys rocked the parts you did 🙂

  13. A TENS unit may be the answer. I used them for years already and they are the best.

  14. Cool photos. It’s nice to be reminded, at least now and then, about the intricate, delicate yet amazingly resilient inner workings. Here’s to hoping yours heal thoroughly and quickly!

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