Rolex KY Arrival

Boyd and Oscar

 Both Catch a Star (Hoku) and Trading Aces (Oscar) arrived at the Kentucky Horse Park yesterday afternoon in magnificent condition for the Rolex Kentucky Three-Day Event. The trip down was relatively uneventful, except for our truck breaking down 10 minutes into the trip. Lucky for us we were able to nurse it home and swap it for Silva’s much cleaner truck, which led to a much more comfortable trip.


Silva and Michael get here this afternoon to start helping us all zero in for a perfect dressage test.  Looks like Caitlin will go Thursday, and I will be Friday.  The course looks its usual intimidating self from the couple of fences we have hacked past. Thanks to Samantha Clark for providing the photos!


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  1. We had a tire blowout 20 minutes into our trip to Woodside Horsepark this past weekend! But, ended up getting 2nd place in the show…so bad trip hopefully = great show! Good luck!

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