Rosa Cha Passes the Jog at KDA CDI

I worked with Michael this morning at the Kentucky Horse Park and Rosa was great! She loves the Rolex Arena, with all the atmosphere.

Michael is riding a different horse in the CDI, but he’s been riding Jeff the Chef for a while now; they are a perfect match, both big and strong!  I hadn’t seen Jeff go in a while and he looks fabulous. We want to sell him because he’s really too big for me, and Michael is looking to put together a syndicate so that he can keep the ride on him. Heath Ryan bred Jeff in Australia and Boyd bought him as a foal. I brought him up through the levels to Grand Prix, and it’s exciting to see him going so well. I think that they have the potential to go to Normandy together and it would be so exciting if we could potentially have a couple of our horses there!

Rosa was her princess self at the jog: she loves every aspect of competition including the jog; she stands very still for the judges, pricking her ears and posing for the photos so that went really went. It was raining so we got wet at the jog, but it’s supposed to be nice all weekend.
Rosa and I are the first to go after the break tomorrow morning at 9:27 in the Prix St. George. She’ll do the I-1 on Saturday and the I-1 Freestyle on Sunday. “Girl on Fire” by Alicia Keyes is our music, put together by Anne Miller. She did a beautiful job putting it together. This will be our first time riding it and I think it’s going to be great. Usually by Sunday the horses are a bit tired but I think that with the music in the arena Rosa will be great, I’m looking forward to it. 

Due to uploading problems the photos will be posted separately.


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