Rosa Cha W Withdrawn from Dressage at Devon

We are disappointed to announce that Rosa Cha W will not be competing at Dressage at Devon this year due to contracting Potomac Horse Fever and foundering as a result of the infection. Rosa was vaccinated against the disease.

It is especially disappointing as it happened in the week before she was due to compete in the Grand Prix at Devon. It has taken years of hard work and training to get to this point in Rosa’s career and we have been working on our musical freestyle and training regularly with Jessica Ransehousen to ensure that we would have a good performance this weekend. Now Rosa is on stall rest and undergoing antibiotic treatment, and we are hoping for the best.

Seeing her in so much pain was just awful. I broke Rosa and have trained her up from a baby. She was on the team for the Nations Cup and has done so much for me over the years. Now I just want her to be as comfortable as possible and will take the best possible care of her.

I still have three horses competing at Devon. Today I’m riding my homebred mare Jada W in 4th level and the 6-year-old class. I’m riding Rosa’s daughter Hannah Lu W, owned by Sara Reece and Joan White, in fourth level – I’m excited about that because I want to make her mama proud. And I’m riding Electric, owned by Nancy Hathaway, George and Julie Strawbridge and Steven Tsokanos in the 5-year-old class. Harley Whitaker is riding Jax, owned by Joan White in 4th level and the 6 year olds, and Devon is riding Duvent, owned by Melinda Walton and Larry Smith, at 4th level.  Jada, Jax and Hanna are all homebreds.


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  1. So sorry to hear about Rosa
    Such a cool horse
    Prayers her pain sibsides quickly

    Have an excellent show

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