Rosa’s First CDI

Rosa Cha W

 Today was Rosa’s first time in the big ring, in the Prix St. George at the Palm Beach Dressage Derby, and she was a very brave girl. Unfortunately we had two mistakes: one just before the first canter pirouette, and then a counting problem in the 4-tempi changes, where we did a couple of 3’s. This was pretty costly, and we finished 6th overall, which is not bad for a young horse her first time out, but of course I had hoped to do better. Tomorrow we are competing in the Intermediare I, which is a harder test, and I am hoping that we can improve on today’s ride.


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  1. Anonymous says

    Horses have a way of humbling us, which makes us better than we would be without them.

    The show day Rosa Cha is perfect (and she will be with you) you will savor it that much more.

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