Sara’s Update from Germany…Our Adventure Continues!

 It wasn’t until day two that the jet lag really set it. Adjusting to the time change has been difficult for both Thomas and me but we are now back into the swing of things. Everyone at the farm welcomed me so kindly. To my relief mostly everyone speaks English so communicating has not been difficult at all.

Thomas has settled in enjoying a bit of haylage and chatting up his German stable mates.
This property is beautiful. With plenty of room to hack and graze, Thomas has been living like a king! The weather is slightly colder here than at home and it has rained a bit every day since we have arrived but no worries because they have an indoor.

The yard here seems to be run similar to our schedule at home at Windurra – there is always a lot going on! I was able to make friends pretty quickly when I offered to help in my free time. Free time, what a concept!  I can only groom, hand graze and walk Thomas so many times a day.  Elmar competed in three competitions in the short time I’ve been here with no less than six horses at each event. Needless to say, they were very excited to hear that “plaiting” is one of my skills. Well I have “plaited” more horses this week than I normally do in a month at home! It’s been great, I’m happy to help especially since I have been able to work on perfecting my forelock braiding!

There is one technique that is used here that catches me a bit off guard. One of Elmar’s riders asked if I could pull out one of the horses so that she could “do the snakes”. Wait, say what? Snakes? Turns out she meant leeches… a little less shocking but almost as bad. Apparently this technique is still pretty commonly used in Europe, I’m glad I got to witness it but far more grateful that we don’t do this in the USA.

I have been able to find a little piece of home here in Germany. Jane is one of Elmar’s new riders and is from Australia. She grew up fairly close to Boyd. I know it’s a bit funny that an Australian would make me feel at home but what can I say, I spend a lot of time with Australians on Boyd’s farm and we became fast friends.

So anyway it turns out I have arrived in Germany just in time to engage in some true German culture, the European “football” (soccer) championships. Elmar’s rider Ludwig kindly invited Jane and I to watch the game in Luhlemburg. It was like nothing I have ever seen. The streets are cobblestone and the buildings are all made of brick and stone. The architecture is just fascinating. The street was filled with people sitting around watching the game on outdoor flat screens. The atmosphere was amazing. Everyone was wearing Germany’s colors, many with their faces painted with Germany’s flag. It was unreal, especially since they won! I would not have wanted to see that mob react if they had lost!

My trip here already tremendously exceeds my expectations. From the extreme generosity of Elmar and his staff to the sheer beauty of the farm and surrounding towns, I’m not sure I want to leave! Considering each part of my trip has been more amazing than the last, I am excited for Boyd and Silva to arrive so that we can move on to the whole reason we flew all the way over here! Thomas is looking in tip top shape and can’t wait to show his stuff. Luhmuehlen here we come!!!


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  1. Anonymous says

    Please expand on the leaches! What exactly are they doing with them? Glad the trip went smooth!

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