Schatzi W Sold to Nancy Calhoun of North Carolina

I am both happy and sad to announce that I sold Schatzi W today.

I bred “Robyn” back in Australia in the year 2000. Her mother was named “Batwoman”, so naturally her first daughter was “Robyn”. She has been a great horse for me over the last decade. I bred her, broke her in and then trained and competed her to the advanced level in Australia and here in the States .

In the end Robyn was not quite sound and tough enough for a big-time four-star horse. The sad part was that this mare’s heart is so big she would try to do anything; she would never give up or stop at anything, even if it was a bit too much for her. To be honest, I thought it was not fair to ask her to do something that she was not up to. In the end, I believe it was best to place her in a situation where she would get treated like a princess and still have a job to do every day to keep her active.

I am very happy and very lucky that Nancy Calhoun of North Carolina has purchased Robyn. Nancy is aiming at third level dressage and maybe some low level eventing. I believe Nancy is a kind person and a good horsewoman who will give Robyn a great life. This mare has plenty left in the tank, as she is only 11 years old, so I look forward to following their success.


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