Schooling Event A Huge Success!

We had our first jumper show at Windurra yesterday and it was a huge success with over a 140 rounds of show jumping from 10am till 7pm last night!

Chris Talley and Chase

Marc Donovan designed a very technical yet flowing course which challenged all the horses and riders immensely.  I think the brilliant factor of the day was the marked improvements of the horses jumping in a new ring on the Attwood Equestrian Surface, over the different styles of fences.

Boyd, who’s still on the mend from surgery, was ring master extraordinaire and in charge of the (loud) tunes, so that helped set the stage for some serious fun.  It was a laid back casual day and if any riders had trouble at a fence they could come round & have another go at it.   We made sure everyone had a positive experience and the horses benefited from the schooling and the riders went home with a great experience for an affordable cost.

We had a wonderful assortment of horses and riders, with many local pros riding young horses, and young or less experienced riders in the earlier divisions.  Daniel and his game little bay dartmoor pony were crowd pleasers!

Daniel and his Super Pony!

Voler Bar Nuit, formally bred trained and ridden by Billy Meister and nominated for the Md. Hunt Cup, showed us his impressive jumping ability with Erica Gaertner in the irons!

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Many thanks to all the Linden Gilker, Sara Sadler and all our friends and volunteers who helped make this a great day!  We feel like the event was well received and plan to do another one in a month’s time, so keep an eye on our blog and Facebook page for the upcoming announcement!

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Photo Credits Lisa Thomas, Mid-Atlantic Equestrian Services

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