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 Well, if it’s another blog you seek, then you may cease your quest! At long last, I write bearing news from Wellington. Full disclosure and all, I’m probably going to become pretty repetitive for the next few paragraphs, for I’ve found that there are only so many synonyms for words like “amazing” and “dominated”.

 Last weekend Silva demonstrated typical Martin behavior by winning most every class she entered (and unfortunately for the other competitors, that consisted of almost every class held at the competition). This leads me to believe that she should probably pump out some little juggernauts, for the sport could use as many Silvas as it could get!
Starting with training level, Silva and Bright Side effortlessly crushed the competition. Before you ask, I do not mean this literally, even though he probably could have stomped everyone out with his gargantuan body. No, this metaphoric crushing took place when he scored a 77%, taking out anyone in his path! Congratulations to Anne, Mike, and Gloria! This horse is proving to be a spectacular athlete.
Choo Choo
 Not looking to be out done by their fellow barn mate, ChooChoo, Scoop, Woody, and Shoene also competed at training level. Choo Choo and Scoop both scoring 74%,  Shoene scoring a 72%, and Woody scoring a 71% with Kymmy! Congratulations to the owners of these young studs as well!!
Danka Shoene
P.S. for those who are unaware, Shoene is only three years old!!! The talent and mind of this horse is unreal; Silva could not be more proud of his success thus far.
P.P.S. after this show, it’s looking like scoring in the 60’s just isn’t going to cut it… I’ve got some work to do;)
 Next up we have Scoop and Woody, who both competed at 1stlevel. Scoop proved how talented and willing he is, winning it all with a 71%! Congratulations to his owner, Karen. He is a truly amazing young horse.
Kymmy also had an incredible showing on Woody, coming in at a close third. Having trained him since the beginning and finding herself in the top ranks on her 4-year-old (in Wellington no less!) is such an accomplishment. She could not be more proud of this exciting horse.
So then there were the second and third level classes… I really wasn’t kidding when I said she was entered in almost every class.  Here is where Sully shined. He, you guessed it, DOMINATED by winning both 2nd and 3rd level with a high score of 71%. Congrats to Anne and Mike Laver on owning some seriously competitive beasts.
Kymmy also made an appearance at 3rd level on Tony, who had an amazing showing, and came in second! We are lucky to have Tony’s owner, Sandy Retzlaff, down in Wellington with us, and she is very proud of them both.
Last, but far from being least, is Leroy. He has been more than any Young Rider could ask for during this trip down south, and handled 3rdlevel like the champion that he is. Though I have a long way to go, I couldn’t be luckier than to have been given the opportunity to compete and learn from him. The appreciation I feel towards his owners, Bonnie and Eliza, is immeasurable. I cant thank you guys enough.
Gracia and Colin
 At 4th level, Gracia stole the show on Colin. She put in a beautiful ride and showed what a rapport they have developed together. I’m so excited for these two and their future success!
Michelle’s inspirational student, Ms. Debbie, also competed on her horse Goldie in the para freestyle scoring a monumental score of 72.3%!!! I think I speak for everyone with Silva Martin Dressage when I say that we could not be more in awe of her determination and talent. Congratulations on all your success, and don’t forget about us when you are a big time Olympian!
Silva and Rosa also rode for the United States at the Nations Cup, and I’m not sure how to express in words how happy I am for them to have been on the gold medal team, other than by stating how natural she looked standing on the podium. I cannot wait to experience this feeling again when I am covered in face paint and cheering those two on at the Olympics. I’m not sure who will be more embarrassed by me, Silva or The Cha… 
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Congratulations to the syndicate members of this powerhouse of a mare, Silva appreciates your guys’ support so so much.
Shout out time:
Middy N Me
Charles Owen

HUGE thanks to you all for all of your help keeping Silva and the horses at the top of their game!
-Scout Ford
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    That canter picture of Rosa Cha W is amazing! What a horse!

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