Scout Reports from Chicago

As a precautionary note, let me start by stating that I do not blog, nor do I possess the finesse required to write in general. That being said, lets give this the ol’ college try:Today was another fantastic day here in Chicago for Silva and the horses. Benny and Sully were rock stars yesterday. However, Rosa, being the thug that she is, decided to turn it up a notch, kicking ass and taking names in the preliminary test for the developing horse prix st George class. With scores of 72, 70, and 66%, she is sitting in third place going into the championship class with a 69.6% overall (yeah buddy!) behind the second place score of 69.8%. As exciting as this may seem, another impressive event occurred today: I had a causal run in with THE Debbie McDonald, who is now my good friend:). It was a highlight for sure. (Photo proof to come)All horrible attempts at humorous writing set aside, the day ended at wonderful party put on by the competition where we got to have dinner with some pretty remarkable people- Melinda, Larry, Pam, Michelle, and Elizabeth. thank you all so much for coming and supporting Silva and the the horses; we couldn’t ask for better owners, supporters, and, above-all, friends. Silva has combined impeccable riding with some amazing young horses to create truly inspiring rides this weekend. It has been a privilege to be apart of it. -Scouty Ford

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