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Well, another show bites the dust. Lexington was not prepared for what the S-Martin team was bringing to the table. It was weekend full of lasts, both sad and happy. It was the last show all together before Gracia heads back to Nebraska, but also the last show before Silva is back in the competition ring (yeah budday!). For all that is happening, we had to make it count!
Gracia ended on possibly her best note yet. Everyone present over the weekend got to witness her and Colin’s partnership come full circle when they put in two stellar performances. Day one, they wowed the crowd with a 63% in the PSG Challenge, finishing well against the competition. Day two, they finished second out of ten in the PSG with a 60. 6%!! Talk about stomping out the competition, Gracia and Colin came out on top against many well known professionals in the business, to come second by less than a point! This was such a great weekend for the pair, and we are all excited for her future in the sport. Congratulations!!
Kymmy Pullen also had a phenomenal weekend on all of her rides. On the younger of her two horses, Sir Eastwood, she competed first level and won; gaining huge scores of 70.7% and 77%. On her other horse, Hot Date, Kymmy competed in the third level test one class and came in second with a 68.8% on the first day. On the Second day, Hot Date competed in the third level test two class for the first time ever and came out second with a 73%!!! Kymmy has had both of these horses since they were green broke, and it is incredible to see how well their training has progressed. Kymmy also competed breeders Melinda and Larry Walton-Smith’s young horse, Danke Shoene with outstanding results. Shoene competed at training level and ended up with scores of 65.9% and 72.5%, and he just turned four years old! What an exciting future this young horse has ahead of him. Kymmy’s final ride for the weekend was Sheelagh Christensen’s Comet V. Kymmy and Comet looked on-point this weekend, and it showed when they kicked ass in their first PSG tests together scoring 60.2% and 60.6%!
And then it was down to the remaining three… Anne Laver and Gloria Callen’s horse Brightside showed a glimpse of the unstoppable force he and Silva are sure to make together in the future. What an honor it has been to be able to ride a horse like Brightside (Eddy). He showed his talent this weekend when he scored a 73% and 81%; winning his training level class, and also the high score of the entire competition! What a champ. Red Fury also competed this weekend at training level, gaining scores of 76% and 78%, and winning her training three class. It’s a feeling like no other when a horse decides to work with you as a team in the ring. That is when you can really begin to show off what you got;) Karen and Ellen Kettler’s remarkable horse, Dhouble Scoop, also competed over the weekend at first level. Scoop was amazing, and after a tough class on Saturday with a 61%, he strutted his stuff  came out with 73% on Sunday!! Though he will be greatly missed during his travels to California, we are excited for his owner to enjoy him as much as we have.
Another highlight from the weekend was being reunited with our southern family. It was great seeing Michelle and her team from Stono River Riding Academy, who also had a wonderful showing over the past couple of days.
When reflecting back on the weekend and the weeks leading up to it, its crazy to think how lucky we are to ride such talented horses, and to have trained under such a talented and devoted rider. We stand among the lucky few, and what a privilege it has been.
Shout out to all of the kickass sponsors who have given Silva continued support through her recovery. We couldn’t do all this without you guys!
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  1. Sheelagh Christensen says

    There was some super riding going on! Can’t wait to see Silva back in the competition ring!!

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