Scout’s Final Update: Silva and Rosa Top 3 Finish!

Driving back from Chicago now. 654 miles to go..we’ll be there in a jiff. Silva and Rosa killed it today, pirouetting their way into the top three in the entire nation! The Cha decided to go out with a bang, opening up a can of whoop-ass on the competition, and getting the seal of approval from some of the legends in the industry… Including the dream team of Deb McD and myself. Thank you to all the owners and supporters of The Rosa Cha, and congratulations on your fine taste in horses. Big shout out to all of the sponsors who made this all possible for Silva, and who kept the horses and Silva looking top notch: Purina, Smartpak, Ariat, Stuebben, Middy & me.

Only 648 miles to go…


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  1. Awesome

  2. Hey Scout; you could be a sports writer! Good job! I can tell you had the time of your life. Joan White

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