Scout’s Saturday Morning Dressage at Devon Update

Silva and Trading Aces (Oscar) in the Dixon Oval
Two days and countless outfit changes later, there is still no word from Deb. There are also many more dominating performances to discuss. Bear with me here because Windurra had a lot of horses competing, and organization is not a highlight for my brain. 
Silva and Boyd with the multi-talented Oscar
 On Thursday, Silva rode Zoran and Trading Aces to 2nd and 4th in the 4th level, and Zoran again on Friday put in another top-notch performance.


Gracia and Colin also put in a great test, only to be topped by her BEAUTIFUL test with Colin on Friday night. It was her first time doing 4th level, at Devon, and managing to place well in the top 10 against well-known riders in a huuuge class is something to be truly proud of. 

Silva and Duvent also rode 4th level on Thursday, crushing the competition and grabbing the big win, just to do it again on Friday with an even more amazing test. 
Benny getting some love
Benny, another one of Melinda and Larry’s incredible horses, had similar results, ending up in the top three in what I am pretty sure is the biggest 5-year-old class ever to happen anywhere. 

Kymmy and Hot Date had incredible performances both Thursday and and Friday. She rode like a true professional out there and has one of the most exciting up and coming horses around. This shows in her top 4 placing against dozens of well known horse and rider pairs. Congrats Kymbo, your success is really inspiring, and something to look up to. 
The Cha was also incredible, coming in 6th out of 43 horses with a 68%. She set the bar since she was unfortunately first to go. Silva and Rosa Cha are a truly incredible. I want
 spot in the order of go! to be them when I grow up. Stay tuned to their win today… 
much better spot in the order of go!

Team Windurra…it takes a village…
Michelle also rode two stunning tests putting up there with the top contenders, continuing my realization that we somehow have managed to form an unstoppable group of juggernaut horses and riders.
Something else happened on Friday that was a bit disappointing.. you see, Kymmy was needed to collect Silva’s awards since Silva was competing during the ceremony, and word around the block is Kymmy decided to opt out of the victory lap…on foot. That lap was well earned Kymberly Pullen, and more importantly I was looking forward to watching you canter around the Dixon Oval without a horse under you! Just imagine it: ribbons flowing elegantly from your belt loops while you held imaginary reins and acted slightly spooky because of the crowd going wild. It would have been magical…lol. 

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