Scout’s Thursday Morning Update from Dressage at Devon

Though my aspirations lie with riding, not writing, I have somehow found myself in the blogging hot seat once again. So bear with me here.

The first two days of Devon have been a smashing success. Though its just hasn’t been the same without Deb McD here, Silva and the Windurra team are still powering through the competition. Breeders Melinda and Larry had their incredibly talented horses. Duvent (10yo), Benefactor (5yo), and Danke Shoene (3) landed in the TOP 3 out of what seemed to be hundreds of the breeder’s groups in the breed show classes, including highly competitive classes such as the produce of dam. 
Shoene and Silva also rode to the top six in the huge colts and geldings class for 3 year-olds. Lets remember this is his FIRST SHOW under saddle and he is already on his way to total domination, much like his big brother Benefactor, another one of Melinda’s impeccably bred horses who not only became the Champion out of 4 and 5 year old colts, geldings, and stallions on Wednesday, but the highest scoring American bred horse at Devon! Yeah. Buddy. 
The eventers also made an appearance for the five year old dressage suitability class, landing Boyd on Scoop, Caitlin on Ray Price, and Sawyer on Wallaroo – they all finished in the top 10. I begrudgingly have to admit this is pretty impressive, albeit slightly embarrassing for us dressage riders being as the eventers were able to stroll through dressage show territory and still leave with armfuls of ribbons. It is particularly exciting since Boyd came in second in the huge class; congrats Boyd, you and your talented mount have the makings of a Grand Prix pair when you have some down time from soaring over monstrous jumps. It’s also exciting being as Wally and Ray were bred by Windurra and are turning out to be two extremely talented and promising young horses. 
Also, huuuuuge shout out the Cheryl (Sorry if the name is spelled wrong Cheryl, I cant spell worth a damn) for the insane amount of help she has gone out of her way to give us this week. We appreciate you so so much, THANK YOU. And another huge shout out to Gracia and her parents, especially her amazing mom, who has put together, hands down, the most beautiful banner at the competition, thank you so much!
The salad group has arrived FASHIONABLY late.. shocking, I know. More outfit status updates to come.
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