Sea Lord Schooling Piaffe

Sea Lord finally is figuring out his piaffe. We still have a lot of work to do but I am so happy that he is starting to get the right idea. He is an amazing horse who learns very, very fast and he is so talented, especially in the trot and the passage. Everything that is big and forward he finds very easy and enjoys a lot.

He has a little trouble collecting for piaffe, which is quite normal for a Thoroughbred since they are built to push out behind for speed and not like a warmblood to push under for collection. He also really struggled with the coordination of his legs in the piaffe: for the longest time he could not work out where to put his legs. You can still see it in some of the piaffe steps but I can feel that he is so close to doing it perfectly! I am so exited, this is a big step in our career together!


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