Seventh Place Finish at Pau for Boyd and Remington XXV

Well, it didn’t quite go how I had planned…but as Ned Kelly says, “Such is life”.

Remington pulled up well yesterday after the cross-country and looked super sound in the trot up today. I felt that his energy and spirits were well, considering he had given me 110% the day before around a very tough day of cross country.

I worked Remi lightly after the jog, as I usually do, and jumped a few fences and he felt great. I walked the course and felt pretty confident, as the horse has been jumping very well in the events leading up to this one. The sun was shining and the birds were singing as I watched the first third of the field jump. I then headed out to the warm-up ring to warm up my man.

As I was warming up the heavens opened and it started absolutely pouring with rain. I think both Remi and I were dreaming of tropical weather and perfect footing and lost our rhythm a little bit in our warm up.

When it was our turn we went into the ring and took our time to try and get settled. We went around and jumped 75% of the course pretty well, and 25% pretty average. I am not quite sure what went amiss, though I feel I could have ridden him a lot better; he was a bit tired, the pouring rain and the umbrellas backed him off a bit…whatever, we had 4 rails down. As I said before: such is life! We ended up in 7th place in our first European 4-star.

Obviously I am pretty heartbroken. Not only for me, but the horse, the owners and everyone else who thought he had a shot at winning Pau. I feel like I have learned a lot from the event, and realized that we as American riders are not that far off the pace of these Euro Rock Stars. A top ten finish in a four star is okay. As for the rails in show jumping, I always remember my mate Scotty Keach telling me, “Half the world is fighting over a bowl of rice today mate, and you’re upset about knocking a few rails down…”


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  1. Boyd,

    Great perspective and great ride! I thoroughly enjoy your riding and your attitude. You’re just what US eventing needs.

  2. Well done Boyd! The weather had to be a tough break for you.

  3. Great ride Boyd I still keep track of the Windurra adventures even though you are not based in Aust anymore …good luck with your future eventing & dressage teams !!
    Big Fan !!! Tasmania,Australian

  4. Your blog is a testament to a true sportsman and your ability as a great equestrian!! Thanks for taking the time to keep your fans and students in touch with your travels. It helps riders of all levels to understand what it takes to compete at such a high level. Congrats on a top ten finish.

  5. Boyd,

    Thank you for representing the USA so well and for showing that there is real hope for the future of USA Eventing internationally. A top 10 finish isn’t something to sneeze at. Thank you also for being so up front and honest about things – it’s very refreshing, so please don’t change. Finally, thank you for reminding me (by reminding yourself) that a few rails aren’t the end of the world.

  6. Clearly you are amazing. You are an athlete and just like your horses, you need a rest also! Thankyou for representing our country, you make us proud. Take care of your self!

  7. Thanks to you and the beautiful “Hanoverian Hurricane” for representing the USA so ably! It was exciting and fun to keep track of your competition journey at Pau. And, the rice verses rails quote puts it all into perspective. Glad you enjoyed the ride!

  8. Well done!! You both did an incredible job!! Proved Remy can hang with the big boys. Tough luck on the monsoon during show jumping. Love your honest attitude! Great sportsmanship!

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