Silva and Devon On the Road to Orlando

Devon and I are on the road again, on our way to Orlando, Florida for our first show of the season. We have Aesthete, Rosa Cha, Constantina, Duvent and Rembrandt on the trailer and it’s getting warmer as we go South!
I am excited to ride Aesthete (“Stately”) for the first time at a show, going third level on Saturday and Sunday. I am also looking forward to showing Duvent for the first time this season – he was a bit of a wild man when he first started showing but now he is more confident and settled. He is also doing third level.
Rosa Cha has been working very well at home and she is starting first level. I am also very excited to ride little Constantina, (Cece), who is Duvent’s little sister. She came to us to be broken in last summer and she has only done one Materiale class and is now starting her competition career under saddle. Cece is going in the training level this weekend.
Devon and Rembrandt have been working very well together this winter and are showing second and third level this weekend.

– Silva

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  1. potatoe heads on the road again regards paul

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