Silva, Ashlea and Kyymy Off to a Good Start at CDI in New Jersey

Ashlea and Mintie at the Jog

This CDI Y is Ashlea’s first qualifier for the Young Rider World Cup in Frankfurt, Germany. After Mintie and Ashlea passed the jog on Thursday, they had a really good test on Friday. They did the Young Rider Team Test, which is the same test as the PSG. Ashlea rode beautifully and Mintie was trying very hard to stay focused.

Ashlea and Mintie

The two international judges had her placed first and the American judge gave the American girl 5% more then the other judges, which placed her in front of Ashlea by 0.3%. That was unfortunate, but I am very proud of Ash and Mintie for placing second in an international competition.

Ashlea has another test today and the freestyle tomorrow morning.Even tho I really hope she is going to win I am a little worried! Ashlea said that if she wins the CDI Y, she is going to sing the Australian anthem “loud and proud”, and I am not sure if I want to be part of that considering Ashlea is a terrible singer!!!

Kymmy and Markie had a solid test yesterday. This is only the third or fourth time that they have competed at Fourth level and each time they do better and better. They scored 63% and finished fourth – good job! Especially because there are a lot of good horses and riders at this show.

I cannot begin to express how lucky I am to be able to ride the horses that I have at the moment. It is so much fun to ride horses with this quality! I have always loved all the horses that I showed, but I have never had such fantastic horses as I do now.

Rosa Cha W, who is still such a baby, tried her heart out for me and we won third level test 2 with 74%. She has come such a long way since we did training level last year and now she is not only winning at third but winning with unbelievable scores.

Aesthete, or “Stately”, of course was awesome. He is probably the best horse I ever sat on. We did our second competition at Fourth level and won with 73%. I cannot wait to ride him in Grand Prix! But I will take my time to make him the best he can be – he is still only 6 years old.

Duvent got a little excited this time but we still finished second in Fourth level test 2.

Today we have Rosa in Third 3, Stately in Fourth 2 , Duvent in Fourth
3, Markie in Fourth 2 and Mintie in the CDI again.

More updates later!


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