Silva Based at True Prospect Farm for Winter

Silva likes to joke that she is moving south for the winter – about three miles south, to be exact. With Nox in school five days a week now, it is more practical to keep the dressage horses home in Pennsylvania, and with icy winter weather in the forecast, the indoor arena at Phillip and Evie Dutton’s True Prospect Farm makes it the ideal winter base.

“The horses traveled really well on the big trip south,” joked Silva as she longed a frisky Rosa Cha W. “They’re all settled in and happy as can be.”

It’s sort of a homecoming, since Boyd and Silva were based at True Prospect when they first arrived in the USA. And since most of Silva’s clients are based in PA year-round, they’re delighted that she is keeping things local. Anyone interested in lessons at True Prospect can contact Silva directly at 610-806-2721.

With Rosa back in full work, Silva will likely join Boyd in Aiken at Stable View for a week or so and fit in a couple of back-to-back weekend shows. (Boyd and the event horses have just arrived in Aiken, where he’ll be training and competing with his eye on the U.S. Olympic Eventing Team heading to Tokyo this year.) Silva will also take the dressage horses to some local shows in Pennsylvania once the spring season starts.

Wishing everyone a very happy start to the new year!

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