Silva Improving ‘The Party Boy’

There are many ‘perks’ to be married to Silva, one of them being that she is an amazing dressage trainer. She spends most of her days training and teaching pure dressage horses, but I often manage to get a helping hand .
“Party Boy”, otherwise know as Curtis, is owned by Fernanda Kellogg and Nick Meyers of Millbrook, New York. He is a stunning looking American Thoroughbred that oozes with talent and class. He is athletic, bold and gorgeous and looks to be one of my up and coming horses for the future.

This year I managed to take him from Training to Preliminary in eventing. He is a super jumper, but the one phase in the events that he has struggled with has been the dressage: I found him a little stiff, and a little stuck in his body, and I have not had much luck improving his scores over the past six months. This has been heartbreaking as I always have the feeling that this horse could be the real deal. So I have had to call in the dressage trainer to take over the ride….

Silva has been working with him the last month and has improved him hugely. He is moving better, looks more relaxed and “through” and looks like he is now enjoying the work. I plan to leave him with Silva for the next month or two, and really get him up to par in his dressage before I start eventing him again. Check out the above video of him working with Silva at home last week.
Let this be a lesson to any up and coming eventing lad looking for a future relationship…..
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  1. So are you saying that my single son should start going to dressage shows looking for a mate? 😉


  2. beautiful. who is the music by? its beautiful too!

  3. Boyd—its awesome how you and Silva are such a great team…you both know how much the other has to offer to assist the other. That’s awesome. Have a great winter!

  4. Boyd, you truly are lucky to have Silva. Aside from her super model good looks, she is one of the most talented dressage trainers around. One of her strongest attributes appears to be her ability to correctly develop a horse’s gaits to produce real “back movers.” It is a real joy watching both of you ride.

  5. lovely! wish Silva would wear a helmet though!

  6. Soooo the dressage lessons my daughter is getting with Silva are making her desirable?! or should I say marketable?! And I was thrilled with the riding results alone——–silly me. Boyd, let me know when you start a match making service!

  7. I agree with Anon. Beautiful horse, fantastic rider, but unfortunately, I can not respect a trainer who does not wear a helmet as much as I can one that does.

  8. Riders for Helmets!!!…enough said! I would think Boyd would want Silva to protect that pretty little head!

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