Silva Martin’s Thursday Dressage Recap from LRK3DE 2021

Boyd Martin and Long Island T. Photo courtesy Shelby Allen

Boyd and Long Island T. Photo courtesy Shelby Allen

Silva is in Kentucky coaching Boyd and she checked in to give a recap of his two rides today at the 2021 Land Rover Kentucky Three-Day Event Presented by Mars Equestrian:

Luke 140

Boyd’s first ride today was Luke 140 in the CCI4*-S. First of all, the weather is very unlike April in Kentucky, it’s very cold, and for a fit horse that’s not ideal! All week Luke has looked fabulous, and he looked a million bucks in the warm-up, he’s a really quality horse. But once he was in the stadium, there was a little tension in the test. He ended up with a 31, currently in 5th, which is not a bad score at all, but I think he could have done a real cracker of a test. He’s still green and there’s a lot of atmosphere in there. He was so good all week that I think we got a little comfortable, but we’ll know for next time that even if a fit horse has been really good, he still might get tense in the ring. He’s still at the beginning of his career and he’s just a wonderful horse.

Long Island T

Later today in the CCI5*-L, Ludwig was a little bit the opposite! He was pretty good earlier this week and yesterday he got a little bit fresher. It was so cold, and it was snowing, and he’s so fit – after yesterday afternoon he really got fired up. Boyd put a jump saddle on him this morning and let him canter around and pop over a few jumps and got some energy out, and that worked pretty well. Unfortunately Boyd lost a stirrup during the test and couldn’t get it back, and it was hitting Ludwig, so he was going faster and faster. I couldn’t see that he’d lost it, so I didn’t know what was going on! They still got a 28 which is a good score, but maybe it would have been better without that stirrup. They’re in 4th place now. But this is not a dressage competition!

Boyd has two more horses to ride tomorrow, On Cue and Tsetserleg, and I’m actually going home after the dressage tomorrow because I miss the kids, so I’ll watch cross country from the comfort of my couch! It’s supposed to be pouring rain and freezing on Saturday, so I’ll leave that to these crazy eventers!

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