Silva Preparing for Dressage at Devon

Next weekend is Dressage at Devon, always an exciting show because it draws a lot of spectators and really top competitors, and fun because it’s a local show for us.
I’m hoping to ride Trading Aces Thursday night in fourth level – it all depends on how he feels after running around the event at Plantation Field, so that we can make sure he is sound and happy, but ideally taking him to DAD is our plan.  He would be showing in the Dixon Oval, under the lights, and the whole purpose is to get him into that environment before he goes to Europe to compete at Boekelo.
Rosa Cha will do the CDI small tour: Friday is the PSG, Saturday is the I-1 and her Freestyle is on Sunday. Even  though she is so young, she’s starting to feel like a seasoned CDI horse after competing at Wellington, Lexington and Chicago this year. I’m excited for her to enter the international classes at Devon.

I’m also excited because Stately (Aesthete) is back and better than ever. It’s his first CDI and he will also be showing in the small tour. Even though he feels a bit green at this level – he won last year at 4thlevel and then had some time off  – he is feeling awesome. I’m excited that he’s back in action. It’ll also be interesting to have my  top two competitors going head to head! You couldn’t have two more opposite horses: Stately is all power and Rosa is very elegant, and  it’ll be  interesting to see what happens with those two in the competition.
Zoran, owned by Bonnie Stedt, is an  8-year-old Dutch gelding, entered in 4thlevel. He was competing in training level a year ago and has come a long way. Every day I ride him I’m more excited about him. He looks spectacular and has a lot of potential. Bonnie has never really seen him show before, so I’m happy for her to have the opportunity to see him at this big show.
Duvent, owned by Melinda  Walton and Larry T. Smith, won 4th level at Devon last year and is doing 4th level again this year. He’s a very special horse to me. He can be  a hot horse, and we’ve had some things to work through, but I’m excited to ride him at Devon again.
Melinda and Larry always breed lovely horses and I’m really happy that I get to ride them. I have three of theirs going to Devon, all three out of their mare Heidekind.
Benefactor, also owned by Melinda and Larry, and di Solitaire, owned by Anne and Mike Laver, are doing the 5-year-old class. Most everybody knows Benny is an old pro by now since he’s ranked 5th in the country after Chicago, and could do this test in his sleep! I’m always excited to ride Benny, he’s my friend and he never lets me down. It’s an  easy trip for both Benny and Sully, and it should be a lot of fun.
I have a new horse of Melinda and Larry’s that’s a half brother to Benny, also by Donnerweiss. His name is Danka Schoene (note, that’s not German! I don’t know what language it is!) and he is very much like Benny: he’s a cool horse and easy going so he may be the first three-year-old that I’ve ridden at Devon that I haven’t been worried about. He’ll do the breed show on Tuesday. 
I hope to see many of our friends and supporters at Devon, and I’m looking forward to competing such a great group of horses! 

The show features the world’s largest open-breed show outside of Europe from Sept. 24 through Sept. 26, followed by the exciting performance- division taking place from Sept. 27 through Sept. 29.


Dressage at Devon takes place at

Devon Horse Show Grounds.
23 Dorset Road, Devon, PA 19333

Sept. 24 – 29.

Reserved seating is available.

Info: or

Extra: Tommie Turvey to Perform at  2013 Dressage at Devon

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