Silva Qualifies Oscar and Otis for Dressage at Devon

Silva, Otis and Oscar qualified for Dressage at Devon last week at Blue Goose Dressage! She and Otis won at 4th level with a score of 73% and she finished second with Trading Aces on 70%. 

These two horses are still eventers first and foremost, and the plan is for both of them to run at Plantation Field Horse Trials the weekend before DAD, so time will tell whether they strut their stuff at the biggest dressage show of the year in the USA.
In any case it’s a big deal for them to do so well in pure dressage! Boyd is hoping once he’s back to full health that all of Silva’s training will be a huge help in dominating the dressage phase at the three-day events, and gives his not-so-secret weapon, Silva, full credit for keeping the horses in training while he’s been laid up. 
Meanwhile Boyd has been riding without stirrups for a while now and is currently up to schooling every other horse with his feet in the irons. Look for Boyd’s return to competition in a couple of week at Fitch’s Corner, where he’ll pilot a couple of levelheaded youngsters around to get back in the game. 
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