Silva Recaps Boyd and Shamwari’s Dressage at Luhmuehlen

Because Boyd has ridden Shamwari for so many years now they really have a partnership, and a test like this really shows what a great partnership looks like. I think Erik duVander is a very helpful addition to Boyd’s team; I help Boyd a lot but it’s great to hear it from a new voice and Erik’s changed things up a bit, like taking him for a little canter the morning of dressage. Shammie was very rideable in the ring today and I think that’s a reflection of the work they’ve been doing together. Erik doesn’t have that many riders at Luhmuehlen, so mainly the two of them have been working together – it’s a funny little team and I think it’s really great!

I’m grounded for the moment thanks to pregnancy and it’s a bit ironic that Boyd is over in Germany and I’m not – Boyd’s been eating Schnitzel and drinking beer every meal because he can’t figure out how to order anything else!

I haven’t ridden Shamwari lately, obviously, but I’ve ridden him in the past a lot and he’s a trier, sometimes more than you hope for! He has this big canter that’s sometimes not so easy to ride but the more seasoned he gets the easier the canter gets. I feel that from the winter in Aiken this year, he’s been a lot better in the canter. He can be a little wild and quirky but all the good ones are quirky somewhere!

There’s probably a little more they could get out of the trot – there are more gears and more in there, but in any case the horse has an unbelievable trot. The canter was good too, Boyd was riding very tactfully. It was easy to look at this test, I was very happy and very proud. I think there are more points in there, but for now this is the best test they’ve done together.


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