Silva’s Commentary on Boyd and Tsetserleg’s Dressage Test Today

Erik Duvander, Boyd and Silva Martin

Baby Leo is doing well and Silva is heading to North Carolina tomorrow – Leo will stay home with Susannah while Silva and Nox hit the road to the Tryon International Equestrian Center. After Boyd and Tsetserleg put in an outstanding dressage test today, she wants to be sure to catch the rest of the action!

Today when Boyd rode his dressage test at the FEI World Equestrian Games in Tryon, Silva was in a waiting room with Leo in Philadelphia watching the test on her phone. Of course they called Leo’s name as soon as Boyd went in the ring but Silva told them to hang on! Here’s her commentary on Boyd’s test:

“Boyd always complains that I’m too critical but I have to say this test was really good! He was a bit wobbly on the centerline but the trot work was beautiful, Boyd rode a really accurate test. The changes were outstanding – I mostly work on the changes with all of Boyd’s horses, but this time they really nailed them. I really don’t think they could have done any better. The canter work was very solid too – he’s a green horse but it didn’t look green at all. The horse can walk for a 10 and today he really showed off his huge walk, it was stunning. Boyd didn’t give away any points anywhere! I think Scott and Erik did a great job warming him up, they’re a great team. Boyd really has his head in the game and the horse was really trying for him; sometimes it all works out – that is definitely not always the case – and I think this was one of those days!”

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  1. Cynthia Lawler says

    It was beautiful to watch

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