Silva’s London Olympic Dressage Update

A word from my lovely wife Silva about my Olympic dressage test with Otis Barbotiere, followed by some links to stories about Otis and I in the news. -Boyd

Otis has been working better then he ever has. He is stronger, steadier and more powerful. We were so excited for the test because even during the last ride yesterday morning before Boyd’s test he looked fantastic. In the warm-up ring, too, Boyd and Otis warmed up perfectly.

When Boyd entered the big arena, we could not believe how relaxed and focused Otis looked.
The scoreboard was not working yet, which was a disadvantage of going first. We all watched Boyd and Otis and thought the test was better than any they have ever done. It looked smooth and confident with no big mistakes at all. The changes were nice, though perhaps the last change could have been a bit better.

We were sooooo happy with the test. When the score finally came up on the scoreboard, The Captain and all of us looked at each other and there was no question in our minds that it had to be a mistake. Everybody knows that going first is not ideal and I think Boyd’s test proved that!
The judges were all over the place with their scores.

Boyd and I are not people that complain about judging much, but yesterday it really was not understandable to us! I know that sometimes we get better scores then we deserve and  sometimes we feel like we deserved more then we got. It is just sooooo disappointing when the first case happens AT THE OLYMPICS! But there is nothing we can do about it, and we are so very proud of Otis for doing such an amazing job!!

Phillip and Will ride their dressage tests and Boyd is going to take Otis for a gallop today. I am sure they will all do a great job tomorrow! The course looks pretty hard to me, but Otis and Boyd can do it!


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  1. Anonymous says

    Beautiful Test! First is always a tough position! Boyd deserved a better score! But on to the fun stuff–Positive thoughts for a fantastic cross country–hope it rides well and Boyd and Otis enjoys it! Go Boyd and Otis! Go Team USA!

  2. Thank you Silva! (I thought the same about the score, as well.) Rock the jumping! 🙂

  3. sorry to hear about the score, but………..I know they will excel in x-country and stadium! Wishing the best!

  4. Anonymous says

    After watching all of the tests.. you definitely deserved a better score! You should definitely be proud of the test you guys put in! Very unlucky going first. Good luck with the rest of the event!

  5. Anonymous says

    Praying for you guys that the Lord Jesus will calm you and direct your steps. May the Holy Spirit annoint and comfort you …give you breath as you continue on!! Keep looking up and know we here in America are cheering you on!! Nothing is ever wasted and will work together for your good!! I am Susie Pingleton in the Dallas area!! We love our horses here!!

  6. Anonymous says

    Thank you Silva,
    I watched Boyd & Otis’ test and I could not believe the disconnect between what I saw and what the M&B judges saw. Then I watched the rest of yesterday’s tests and it made even less sense.

    As you always do, turn it into something grandly positive. Have the ride of your life in XC! May the force of all your people be with you.

  7. Boyd,

    This is just a bump in the road, nothing you have not encountered before and you are always able to overcome them. You have a world of supporters who have only positive energy and thoughts for you, Otis and Silva. Whatever situation occurred that created this scoring result we know how great you did, you looked relaxed and we could see you enjoying your time on the world stage.

    More importantly, there is more of Boyd and Otis for the world to see.

    In the words of Benjamin Franklin one of the Founding Fathers of the United States and our six president – “Energy and persistence conquer all things”.

    Boyd, we know you have these qualities and many more.

    GO Boyd, Go Otis and GO Team USA!

  8. Anonymous says

    Maybe the judges didn’t give them what they deserved on the dressage, but the next two days aren’t based on opinions anymore! There will be NO denying the pure display of awesome that is Boyd and Otis here on out! The clock just doesn’t lie!

  9. look at the horse which is healthy and good looking.. should say its the work of its owner..keep up the good work

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