Silva’s Reflections on Traveling to Germany

I made it back from Germany, safe and sound! The flights to and from Germany went well.
It was so great being in my home country. One of the things I miss the most while living in the US is German food. Everything there is so delicious, and I inhaled all my meals while I had the chance! Of course I tried to eat everything that I ate while growing up. My favorite meal when I was young was breakfast, and I especially remember the bread being yummy.
I am not a big beer drinker, but the beer is so delicious too. Instead, I drank German Riesling wine.
Speaking of family, it was wonderful to see my mom, brother Julian and my sister Laura. I am so appreciative they made the five-hour drive to Luhmuehlen to see me.
Luhmuehlen, where the competition was held, is in a very pretty area in the northern part of Germany, near Hamburg.  All the little towns we drove through were immaculate. Every yard was perfectly groomed, and it was clean everywhere.  People in Germanylook after their yards as much as they look after themselves. Everyone is so fit and stylish. I left a long time ago, and notice this more and more with each visit.
As far as the competition went, it was a pretty amazing outing for Boyd and Phillip. All three horses were superb, and we had an awesome team present. Huge thanks to all the owners, grooms, coaches, and everyone who came out to help and support team USA. The team will definitely be a force to be reckoned with moving forward!

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