Silva’s Update from Lamplight

Stately was awesome for me yesterday in the first test of the championships! He really is an amazing horse, not just in his physical ability but he is also mentally outstanding. He really knows what’s going on! As we entered the big ring with lots of spectators and a lot to look at, he really kicked into another gear. He really did not make one mistake!

Stately’s walk is not huge, but it is good. I hurried it a little to try to make him take a bigger step – I watched the video after our test and I know I can ride it better on Sunday.

Yesterday’s test counted as 40% of the championship and the test on Sunday counts 60%. I do really want to win but if Stately tries as hard for me on Sunday as he did yesterday then I am more than happy with whatever placing we get!

I know there are lots of people thinking of us and cheering for us this weekend. Thank you, thank you!!


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