SOLD: Valentino Himself

We are happy and sad to announce that Herbie, aka R Valentino Himself, has been sold to Saige Martin (no relation) from Raleigh, NC. Herbie has been a legend in the barn ever since Bonnie Stedt sent him to us last year.
Bonnie purchased Herbie at 2am on the internet.  While other people shop on for home appliances, Bonnie buys horses!  Luckily, the 14 year old gelding has been a champ.
Just two days ago my assistant Mike rode Herbie to the win in the Preliminary at Sporting Days in Aiken horse trials. Herbie finished on his dressage score of 29 and Saige was there to see the round and fell in love with him.
We would like to thank Bonnie, who has been a very loyal supporter and great friend over the years. We also wish Saige the best of luck with his new horse.
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