Sponsor Spotlight: SmartPak Equine

We have had our high performance horses on supplements from SmartPak Equine for the past couple of months now and they are all looking their best and performing better than ever. Everyone at the company has been very helpful in figuring out exactly what are the best supplements for each of our horses.

The best part is the packaging is especially helpful when we take our horses on the road, or in Remi’s case back in November, overseas. If you remember the photos Caitlin took from that trip, she had an Everest-size pile of gear to organize so having his supplements ready to go in their handy Smartpaks was one less thing for her to worry about. We’d like to thank SmartPak for their sponsorship and look forward to working with them in the coming year!

If anyone out there is interested in trying SmartPak you can contact them for a free 3-day sample by clicking here.

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