Steady Eddie Scores 48.0 in Dressage at Burghley CCI4*

The first fence at the Burghley CCI4*. It only gets bigger from here!

It’s been six years since Neville Bardos made his amazing comeback at the Burghley Horse Trials in England, and I’m back for the first time with Steady Eddie.

Eddie did a pretty impressive dressage test this morning here at Burghley. It wasn’t quite as good as our test at Rolex but he stayed relaxed in front of a big crowd and scored qa 48 which to be honest I’m very pleased with. He’s not the biggest mover but he’s very experienced and well schooled at this point in his career.

We have a record number of American riders here at Burghley, with eight of us here taking on the challenge. Everyone’s done great tests so far, but Lauren Kiefffer did an absolute pearl of a test on Veronica and is in the lead at the moment. There are also a number of Americans cheering in the crowds which is very encouraging for us.

This is also the first event where we’re testing out one of our new cross country coaches, Ian Stark, and I’m about to walk the course with the maestro and get some tips. I’ve already been around a couple times and the course is a monster! Fence one and two look pretty straightforward but after that it looks very tough and it’s a huge test of endurance. Lucky for me I’m on an experienced horse who had a previous career as a racehorse and I’m feeling pretty confident taking on the challenge.

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