Stewie is joining his mom for some time off

This recent post ran on Eventing Nation and also on Holly’s blog.  Our best wishes go out to Holly and Stewie, with hopes for a healthy remainder of her pregnancy and a quick recovery for Stewie.  Thank you for being such a great supporter.

We can all keep track of Stewie’s recovery on Holly’s Blog.

“I am sad to say I will not get to cheer Boyd and Stewie on at Rolex this year. Last Saturday night after the cross country, we took every necessary precaution we could. Dr. Tom Daniels radiographed his head and down his neck to his withers. All of that looked perfect. That evening the horse jogged 1/5, and we were all happy Stewie was looking pretty good considering his fall. Boyd and I spoke about a plan, and decided to send Stewie back to PA, so after some days off, Boyd could resume light work in preparation for The Fork.
Since the horse was in PA, Boyd’s vet Dr. Kevin Keane took over keeping an eye on Stewie. While he looked good trotting up, a minimal amount of swelling had developed around his left knee. So today we decided to xray that too, just to be safe. Unfortunately we saw 2 small chips at the top of his cannon bone. Kevin is sending the radiographs to Dr. Dean Richardson, the same vet who worked on Barbaro. What we are now waiting on is to see if we should have them taken out or let them heal on their own. Either way Stewie will make a full recovery. I feel very confident between Dr. Daniels, Dr. Keane, and Dr. Richardson, he will be receiving the best care possible.
While I am sad Stewie’s spring has ended soon, I am grateful he and Boyd will see another day. Like I said in my last blog, a horse show is just a horse show. They happen every weekend all over the world. Boyd is an amazing rider, and Stewie is an amazing horse. He can now come home and plump up along with his mother! Good luck to everyone the rest of the spring.”
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