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Stübben’s history is rooted in a family tradition of hard work and high quality craftsmanship. Founded in 1894, the company reflects the diversity and individuality of the European continent and of European culture.

Despite historical events through the years, including two world wars, Stübben has thrived to the point of worldwide acclaim and remains a family business. We are proud of our past and feel a strong yearning to preserve our heritage of quality and innovation.

Johannes Stübben, second son in a farming family, was the founder of the company and trained as an apprentice, journeyman, and master saddler. In 1894, he and his wife Maria started their leather and harness goods business in Krefeld, Germany, as it was a thriving economic center and home of a Prussian cavalry regiment. These circumstances formed a solid economical basis for the new company and its reputation for excellent craftsmanship soon spread.

StubbenBoydJumpThe reins of the company have been handed down through the family as the generations passed: Johannes was followed by Carl, who was then followed by Werner. Today Werner Stübben’s three sons, Ralph, Dirk and Frank, are at the helm of the business, which has grown to see its products utilized and enjoyed throughout the world. Stübben is now not only headquartered in Krefeld, Germany, but has another base in Stans, Switzerland, as well and many distribution centers scattered around the globe.

Stübben’s product offering has grown through the years too, and now includes many different styles of saddles, leather goods, and accessories for the discriminating equestrian.

Recent developments from the company include the Biomex seat design, which greatly reduces a rider’s back pain. Long renowned for their diversity in saddle models and their ability to fit almost any horse’s back, they now have a selection of softer sleeker saddles to accommodate all riders tastes.

Riders who have employed Stübben’s products have garnered countless national and international championships, including numerous Olympic medals. Stübben products are reknown for their meticulous craftsmanship, long-lasting performance, and their utmost concern for the horse.  For these reasons Silva has been riding in Stübben Saddles since 2011 and her horse’s improved training and comfort has flourished due to the design of these products.

Boyd joined Team Blue in 2015 and is thrilled with his horse’s performance in Stübben’s line of saddles. “My new Stübben saddles really stay in place even on my biggest moving horses. I’m impressed with how comfortable my horses are and I find the balance to be perfect for me.”

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